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WhiskyBox is a boutique whisky service delivering happiness in whisky form. We help you sample and discover the best spirits from the world without the risk, hassle and commitment of buying entire bottles or expensive drinks at a bar.

Based in Melbourne, Australia and started in December 2014 we are commited to sharing our passion for great whisky. Our Subscriptions allow you to sample 500+ whiskies from around the world with free delivery, no contracts and a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. You can also send a gift for the whisky lover in your life with our exquisite whisky gifts.

Sláinte Mhaith! (Gaelic for good health!)
— The WhiskyBox Team

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Sample from more than 500+ whiskies with a Monthly or Quarterly WhiskyBox Subscription. Discover whiskies from major whisky distilleries around the world as well as craft distilleries and small batch producers.

Curated Scotch, American bourbon and rye whiskeys, Japanese whiskies and Australian whiskies. Hand selected whiskies from more exotic locations such as France, India, Taiwan and Wales. No commitments. Cancel any time.


Our love for whisky runs deep, which is exactly why we took the time to create the perfect whisky gifts for whisky lovers.

If you’re tired of looking for a gift that is perfect for the whisky lover in your life, look no further than our specially curated WhiskyBox Gifts.

Save time and look good with our specially designed whisky gifts. No wrapping necessary!