About Us

About Us

WhiskyBox helps people discover great tasting whisky from around the world. WhiskyBox was founded in 2015 takes the guesswork, risk, and hassle out of finding your favourite whisky.

Our mission is to:
1. Make whisky tasting fun and approachable to a wide variety of people – regardless of your previous experience with whisky
2. Eliminate the risk of buying entire bottles of whisky without tasting them first, and
3. Reduce the guesswork in finding delicious whisky that you will actually drink on a regular basis.

We do this by providing our customers access to exceptional whiskies through the WhiskyBox Club and via WhiskyBox Gifts. By working directly with distilleries and wholesalers we are able to give our members access to sample whiskies from around the world at an approachable price.

The WhiskyBox Club delivers 5 whisky samples along with detailed tasting notes every month or quarter directly to your doorstep. Our WhiskyBox Gifts are designed to make you look good and made for the whisky lover in your life.

Whether you’re just loking to purchase a Gift or be part of the Whisky Club, it means the world to us to help you towards this journey.

Slàinte M’hath! (Gaelic for Good Health!)

Prasit Mankad
Founder & Director
WhiskyBox Australia

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