Edradour 10 Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Edradour 10

Single Malt Scotch

Highlands, Scotland


Edradour is Scotland’s smallest single malt whisky distillery and produces just 90,000 litres of whisky each year. Located in Pitlochry in the Central Highlands, everything is housed in its original farm buildings and little has changed since it was founded in 1825. All distilling equipment (a mash tun, two washbacks and a pair of oddly shaped stills) are crammed into one room and traditional methods with no automation produces all of the whisky. The name of Edradour is thought to derive from the Gaelic ‘Edred dobhar’ meaning ‘the stream of King Edred’. Edradour has a cult following around the world and many say that you either love it or hate it.


Strong with a combination of dried fruits (think of sultanas), some sweetness (slightly burnt caramel) and nuts (especially almonds). Match heads that have just been struck.


Thick and oily almost syrupy with a sort of malty, grainy yeastiness. Ceamy flavour and feel, with the dried fruits, nuttiness and sweetness. More prominent charcoal taste towards the end.


The finish is long with the coal smoke fading away to give dried fruits again and a touch of woody spice (think of nutmeg).