Glenfiddich 14 Rich Oak Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Glenfiddich 14 Rich Oak

Single Malt Scotch

Speyside, Scotland


The Glenfiddich distillery, located in the Speyside region, is one of the largest family owned distilleries in Scotland and holds the accolade of having the best selling Single Malt Scotch in the world. Straight-forward and approachable, this whisky is a good choice for newcomers to both single malt whisky and bourbon offering the best of both worlds: the light fruity sweetness of Speyside whiskies with the vibrancy and zestiness of new oak common to bourbons. This expression is matured for 14 years and then finished in New American Oak & Spanish Oak casks for up to 12 weeks to provide a harmony of fruit and new oak flavours. The casks are sourced from Louisville, Kentucky in the US and Jerez, Spain. This is a departure from Glenfiddich’s normal finishing process which typically has the spirit finish in an ex-“something” casks, e.g. sherry, bourbon, port, or wine. Glenfiddich claims this is the first American and European oak finished whisky in the world.


Full of fresh fruits and spices. Unsurprisingly there’s a bourbon-like feel to the nose – initial spicy oak notes follow vibrant vanilla and rich dried fruit. Letting the dram breathe for a while seems to allow more fruity and toffee elements to come to the fore.


Rich and sweet vanilla with a silky texture and elegant hints of fruit. This gets deeper and richer with time in the glass. The breathing helps release a subtle nutty character.


Short, dry, and tannic. Char, lumber. Base of vanilla with waves of fruit – pears and peaches.